Indoor plants have many more benefits than simple aesthetics.

Plants reduce stress in the work environment and they make people happier and more productive. They also help to purify the air inside the building, and reduce carbon dioxide and certain toxins like benzene and nitrogen dioxide, and they reduce dust levels and help to reduce Sick Building Syndrome. Asthma, headaches and chronic diseases can be caused by air pollutants and indoor plants offer a solution and lead to a healthy office environment. This means that plants reduce costs because of fewer sick days and an increased sense of well-being. 

Below is an article on plants that clean the air:

Below is a TED Talk on plants that improve the air in offices. We offer all three plants to which Mr. Meattle refers, although we call them different names: Golden Palm, Sansevieria and Pothos.

We offer the plants on the left and their benefits are as follows:

Aglaonema - They are particularly effective in filtering benzene, found in glue, paint, varnish and paint remover.

Dracaena - They are good at filtering trichloroethylene from paint, varnish and adhesives.

Golden Palm - They are particularly effective at removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Peace Lily - They are effective at absorbing benzene and trichloroethylene from paint, varnish and adhesives.

Pothos - They are good at removing formaldehyde, found in insulation, paper products, household products and cigarette smoke.

Snake Plant - They are great at filtering benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, toulene and xylene.