Plant Rentals


We want to help enhance your office environment with plants and leave a lasting impression on visitors to your business. Let us enhance your image by bringing life into your business.

Plants don’t just look great and bring beauty to once sterile areas; they improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, certain pollutants and airborne dust, leading to a better quality of life for you and your employees, leading to better staff retention, reduced sick leave and increased productivity. 



We want your customers and staff to enjoy beautiful, thriving plants without any of the time and hassle involved in their upkeep.

Our commercial indoor plant rental service begins with a free on-site consultation and design, followed by plant installation when you will see a dramatic transformation.

Then the weekly visits by our well-trained staff will begin. They meticulously inspect the plants, water, fertilise, dust and polish their leaves, and prune to ensure they are at their optimum health, and provide free plant replacement when necessary. We use red woodchips to cover the soil and further enhance the look of the plants. We have a set routine and a strict set of standards.

We offer small, medium, large and extra-large plants as well as flowering plants. Our rental charges range generally from BBD $13.00 to $30.00 per plant per month, plus VAT depending on the sizes and types of plants requited.

We also supply decorative planters/pots in an exciting range of colours and sizes that will enhance your décor. They can either be leased or purchased outright. All of our plants are supplied in basic plant pots, which are in turn placed in the decorative planters.

Please ensure that no one waters the plants between weekly visits as plants are killed by over-watering more than any other cause. Also please do not dispose of other liquids, like coffee and soft drinks, in the plant pots as these will harm the plants. If your plant looks sick between our visits please feel free to contact us.

We take our customer service extremely seriously. If you need something please do not hesitate to ask.